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High PSU voltage output

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Mar 7, 2002
Look at the +12. Do you think it is OK?
The volt showed by a voltimeter is almost the same.
The MBM -5 is at 0V but the voltimeter shows -5.48.

The CPU fan at this overclocked Volt/RPM is LOUD and I don't like it.

Also the Vcore at 1.79 does not help reducing output heat as I don't want to overclock the CPU.

May be the problem is that the PSU input is rated at 115V and it is having 120V.

Any help woul be welcome.


Jan 12, 2001
the 12V line still look ok within 10% variation limit. Check your high and low to see if it is out of range or tell the alarm to sound.
Your cpu is steaming hot however. did you have the case open?
if it is open you need to get better cpu cooling. If it is not you need to get some more case fan.


Aug 2, 2001
West Palm Beach, Florida
13.11 Volts, Did I read correct?

That is rare in a power supply, but the reason lies
in that there is usually no regulator on the
12v line. The only ones I have seen with a 12v regulator
are PC POWER and COOLING silencer and turbocool model
power supplies.

13v is something I would look at as it will proboably
not cause a problem right away, but it can, over time,
damage components such as the HDD and such.

May be the problem is that the PSU input is rated at 115V and it is having 120V
Here in Florida (USA) the voltage seems to be around
123.3v. It is possible for this theory to be true but I have
never seen this issue here in Florida.


Senior Member
Dec 20, 2000
Albany, NY
Was I you, I'd take a real close look at your CPU temps. 57C is too hot for your chip. Are you using thermal paste and/or a good HSF combo? You really need to get that temp down.