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High tbird temp

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New Member
Jan 7, 2001
I just assembled my new computer...Tyan KT133 and a Tbird 1.1GHZ. Yes, I know the Tyan isnt exactly an overclockers choice, but I'm not an overclocker.
I need to know what can be done to keep this thing cool? I have a Cooler Master DP5-6H51 which is recommended by AMD and some arctic silver to seal it. Yet it still runs at 61.4C (142.5 F)
Any ideas??
I bet a couple of big, low cfm (so quiet) fans would help those temps drop. One in the front sucking air in and one at the top blowing out would keep a little cool air circulating through your case giving the hsf something to work with. If the air it's heating up stays in the case it'll just keep getting warmer, raising your temps. Before you add any case fans though, it ought to be possible to keep temps around 50-55C with just the hsf - check that it is level on the core (no gaps), and make sure you are using a really thin layer of arctic silver. Use an old credit card or razor blade to spread it really thin - about the thickness of a sheet of paper is what you're aiming for. It is possible!