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High temps with watercooling - HELP!!!

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New Member
Mar 5, 2002
Here is my dilema:

I have an XP2000 cpu@1865. My temps are 43C Idle-47C Full.

These temps seem pretty high to me considering its watercooled. I have added ice to my resirvour and brought temps down to about 36C at the coldest. I should have to do that to bring my temps down. I also have a XP1800@1100Mhz and its temps are around the same. Im going to check the room temp, which is slightly warm, but my case temp is 27C. I am kinda flustered on this one. I have checked the heat block and its flush on the core. I run from the pump-rediator-CPU-resirvour. Any ideas???

What do the XP's run normally?
The common problem is a lack of pressure on the core i.e. may be seated properly but the block has inadequate contact.
That said have you measured your water temps? How good is your flow? Is your block lapped?.......This is all vital info to help you identify the cause of the problem.
No lap, good waterflow and plenty of pressure. I had my system down all night, when i booted today, i added ice to my reservor. I stayed about 4-5 above room temp until the water warmed slightly. I think i have a problem with my radiator air flow. Going to reposition my radiator and get back. Also i may have a little too much AS2 on my core.
Try cooling the radiators again, or even add two fans to each side. How much AS did you add? That could be another problem, the more you use the less effective it becomes, remount the block, lap it if its possible, and then do some other readjusting.

Im at work now, tomorrow i will give the AS2 a better coat. Pretty sure that will help a couple C's. On the lapping, not sure if i want to do that, the block smooth and the CPU is new, dont think its a lapping prob. But, Thanks.
Have you got all the air out of your system? What are your stable water temps under load? Your processor temp should be about 10C higher that the coolant.
tokyocory said:
What type of chiller you using, i am also using the Be Cooling rig.
I am using a domestic 110W based refrigeration system. I have an article on how to do it here .