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HIghest FSB?

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Feb 4, 2001
What kinds of FSB is everyone getting on Kt133a boards? I've been wringing all I can get and so far I have 155 mhz but limited by cooling.

Tbird 750 blue week 24
epox 8kta3
256mb pc133 (generic)
volcano II w/ delta
TNT2 Ultra
Maxtor 8 gig

Running 6.5 x 155 now.
coolme! (Apr 22, 2001 04:10 p.m.):
i got 146, a7v133,
maybe its because of my pc-100 ram :) lol

146? pretty darned good for pc-100!
Running at 164 fsb with memory at cl3 - default Vio, default Vcore. Onboard sound dies at 165, haven't figured out work-around yet. Iwills are great for high fsb. Good luck.
170 on my kk266r is all my northbridge can muster. I'm currently running 167 as that's the sweet spot for my cpu :)
Kriegster, what ram are you using and at what settings? Are you running with onboard sound? My sound dies at 165 in UTbench, is there something I'm missing?
running 160 cas2 generic pc133 128mb
epox 8kta3+
it works at 166mhz cas3 but highpoint , live value and asus DVD rom tell me to go F*** myself

try better ram and you will go higher
my iwill kk266 with crucial cas 2 does 161 at cas 3 stable with prime95. 3d games are a major no go though. i'm using stock cooling on my northbridge as well.

Looks like I'm on the losing end... 142 isn't much nowadays. But I'm running cas2 and my tbird gets errors at 143 cas2 or cas3. Besides, you could say I'm running 166 FSB, if that thing about cas2 is true. The thing being cas2 is 17% faster than cas3.
So, how many people are going to post their fabulous FSB setting that almost runs every program? Almost is an unsuccessful setting. Using a 1G/266 AXIA Tbird and PC150CL2 ram, on a KT7A, with my particular cooling, I can run 9x150 2-2-2, but I choose 10x145 2-2-2. Bios only allows a maximum of 155.