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Highest FSBs?

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Apr 17, 2001
Whats the highest fsb you gurus have reached successfully?
On which mainboard and which processor?
160fsb on a Asus CUSL2-C with a 866eb. My ram would go no further. There are plenty of people here that have gone higer but all components of your system must be able to handle it.

Tbird 750
Epox 8kta3
generic pc133
tnt2 ultra 32meg
generic sound
volcano ii

I need more cooling to go higher.
I was able to get into windows and go onto this website with my fsb at 184.
My system is as fallows.

Asus CUSL2
256mb Micron ram
Alpha pep 66

(I never said it was stable, 5 secounds into 3dmark2000 and she quit).
161fsb on an Iwill KK266 with duron 800. stock cooling on the northbridge. ran prime 95 for over 24 hrs, video card wouldn't work though.