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Highest temps?

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Senior Member
Dec 19, 2000
hamilton, ontario, canada
What is the highest temp that everybody is gotten to with out making thier chip a nice addition to a keychain?
i haven't gotten over 28 degreez C.
I'm not forcing my chip anytime soon though. Maybe just using it at default with the voltage bumpped abit for about acouple of months will work as a nice burn-in.
Well last night after applying some (IMO) bad thermal greese temp went to 58C. took that HS off right quick and replaced the greese with the shacks compound. temp went down to normal. I used to be at 54C all the time with the intel OEM HS. The Vantec works wonders. But now im in the market for a new 80mm fan.
The highest temps I've ever seen on my system were about 60c. But that was when I had my very crappy Thermaltake Volcano II on, and no AS II. After I put on a GW FOP38 and some AS II, my temps dropped to 42c idle, 47 load. Nice drop, if i do say so myself.
I hit 72C on a Cel366@550. The fan header had taken, well, a header. Shut the system down and relocated the fan, but it never hit 550 again.
I have a dual Celeron 1 366s@600mhz in a legacy Abit BP6 with... 1 80x80 fan sucks air in, from front of the case, 1 80x80 fan of the PSU blows air out in addition of another 50x50 fan blows air out on the top back of the case. Another 2 Coolermaster HSFs, DP5-6H51, on top of those 2 Celeron 1. Full load with 1 instance of Prime95 for each Celeron, the CPUs' temp never gets higher than 43C, and so is the systems temp. :) :) :)