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highest voltages for an asus a7v133 on the planet!!!

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Mar 15, 2001
Mt. Brudges, Ontario, CA
my mods serve me well!!
vcore mod got me this : max of 2.534 volt vcore!! :) www.socketa.com
I/O mod got me this : max of 4.03 volts!! :) www.socketa.com
i used 27kohm resistors on both
cpu temp : 40C
motherboard temp : 23C
this kicks ***!!
got my duron 700 to do 1103 MHz!! 7.5 * 147
code is : AKBA0029RPAW
can you beat that? huh? can ya? :)
Good for you. I am working on a mod for mt 8kta3. I am using a 4.7K pentonomiter. Do you happen to have any pointers so that I don't make any mistakes? Thanks.
carefull, you might lose it


be careful, I know that lots of voltage to memory of any type can really screw it up, so it can't be too good for a processor either. Why do you think amd put a voltage block on the highest voltage, to piss overclockers off...I don't think so. Yea, getting a duron to run 1.1 is a seriously bitchin overclock, but when you don't need that extra 150mhz, drop it down to 950 and default voltage.

Please don't get me wrong, i'm trying to find a voltage mod for the iwill i just ordered, but I know that when I'm i'm not pimpin a lan party I'm not gonna be running at anything above 1.85.