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Highpoint and Promise Raid

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Senior Member
Mar 1, 2001
Sacramento, CA.
I have a MoBo with highpoint raid right now. If I switch to a board that has Promise Raid on it, Am I going to have to re-format my drives or will the Promise system see my drives that have been used in a Highpoint system?
It's probably not going to read properly, since the controller does not have the current configuration loaded. If you take notes of the current configuration and can enter them exactly into the Promise controller, it may be able to read the drives, but you will most likely have problems with the drivers for the controller if this is your boot drive. Your best bet is a backup of your data, format and reinstall, then restoring any data files and reinstalling programs.
Thanks for the info Xaotic, I was wondering the same question as I was thinking about getting a PCI (promise) controller rather than use the on-board controller.
This is exactly the reason to use a PCI raid card instead of onboard. Highpoint will not read Promise and vice versa.