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Hitman Game

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Aug 5, 2002
Curious if anyone is playing the new Hitman game. I've been a little gun shy at pulling the trigger on it but just curious to see what others thing of the new episodic released content and how it plays.
I was going to, but I've barely had time for gaming lately.
It's supposed to be really good. I own one of the collections but haven't ever taken the time to play them (thanks, Steam sales.)

I recommend watching: http://www.giantbomb.com/hitman/3030-45150/videos/

The videos that Brad and Dan do together are pretty entertaining and will give you a taste of if it is up your alley or not. Without being a premium subscriber you won't be able to watch the unprofessional friday ones, but the quicklooks etc should be accessible to watch.

Just a warning for some NSFW language.
I'll have to check out that link Janus67, probably watch it over lunch. Thanks!

Yeah settled into the new house, starting to finish unpacking and looking at things that might be able to relax and unwind since its been go go go go for the past 6+ months between work and fixing up the old place, moving and, fixing urgent things on the new place.