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Hmmm XP 1800+ or T-bred???

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cyber mouse45

Cyber Cheesiest Senior
Jan 31, 2002
Now that my new PC project has been delayed AGAIN, this time by the death of my brand new 1800+,:mad: I’ve been thinking about getting a T-Bred when it comes out instead of another 1800+. I mean New Egg should be sending me a new 1800+ soon to replace the dead one, but I could always sell it or something. Does anyone think it would be worth the upgrade, or should I stick with what I had before?? I don’t know much about the T-Bred, but it seems like it’s going to be one mean chip. :)


Feb 2, 2001
Quantico, Va but am from Queens, NY
Don't jump on the T-bred right away, let someone else do it for you and let them find all the good/bad things with it. I'd wait a while just to see how they perform and how they overclock. Also to see if any of the mobos out now will support it or will everyone wanting a T-bred will have to buy a new mobo.


Jan 22, 2002
hey portorock ... do you realize what you're saying...
what kind of response is this?

i mean it's good to wait for others to try it first but what if everyone says the same thing...who's gonna try out

i think no one knows about the T-Bred yet huh?
well if any of you do pls post it...i want to know about it too


Forums Super Moderator
Feb 20, 2001
If you have an XP right now, stick with it. If you are looking for a CPU for a new rig, or have a Tbird/Duron/something slower then I would wait for Tbred.