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Hola amigos. Hablamos 80 mm fanos!!!

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May 24, 2001
Hola amigos. So now that I've gotten my nasty heater core all cleaned up, I need to stick a couple (or more) fans on the thing. The heater core measures 6.5" X 10.5" and two 120 mm fans will just fit on the thing vertically. This leaves a lot of room around the edges and I'm not happy about it. I didn't get a huge heater core so that 1/3 of it could just sit there looking stupid. So, I wanna use 6 80 mm fans.

What's the most cfm I can get from an 80 mm fan without deafening myself?
you would be better off with a couple of really quiet 60-80cfm 120mm fans instead of 6 30cfm 80mm fans as it doesn't work out like 6x30=180 cfm as they are stealing air flow from the surrounding fan, you would probabally only get about 100cfm out of it like that, also a couple of 120mm fans qoul be quieter and use less power so I think 2 120's are your best option just space them apart so that they don't steal airflow from each other.
How about a single really big one like 175 mm. Does anyone make a 12v 175 mm? Hmmmm.
I've heard mention by some one about 160mm fans but they won't be cheap as they aren't a standard size yet. Your best option is a couple of quiet 120mm at about 70cfm or so, or if you feel crazy 2 135cfm ys-techs :)
don't get too tied up in cooling the radiator as it can only be brought down to room temp and has a lot of surface area, my suggestion of 2 quiet 120mm's would probabally be more than enough.
I am doing something similar. I was going to put 2 120mm and 2 80 mm fans on mine in a stager pattern. 120mm in the upper left, 80mm upper right, 80mm lower left and 120mm lower right. That gives me most of the rad with airflow.
Don't spend to long concentrating on cooling the radiator though, if you have a good enough rad one 120mm fan would probabally be enough, you should test the temp of the water leaving it to see the differances it would make.
I'm gonna go look at Wal-Mart or K-Mart for a thin profile 6" 110vAC fan. I'll put it on the same switch as the water pump and the PSU. If that doesn't work out, I'll look for a 12v at the car parts store.
Phil (Jun 12, 2001 07:08 p.m.):
I wonder if any one water cools their radiator?

I was actually considering this on a setup with a few pelts in it. Not sure how much good it would do, though, as I still have to cool that water.
what about sticking it in a big bucket-o-water and relying on good old convection to do the job?