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Hole Saws.

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Your local snap-on-tools dealer will be able to supply these. But personally I would suggest a Dremel multi for cutting holes
That's appalling. Every hardware store within 10 miles of me (7 total) sells several brands of hole saws. What do the hardware stores in the U.K. put on their shelves? ;D

I've only managed to find one retailer of whole saw anywhere in the uk. They cost a fortune (more than a dremel!) and the guy reckons they'll only cut wood. Trying to explain what you need them for over the phone usually results in them asking, "but why would you want to do that?" Not wanting to preach I generally leave them in blissful ignorance!

I may just have to pay the price though, so far I've been using a pair of tin snips, very untidy and about as much use as Mr Cadbury's famous tea pot!

and if youve heard of Screwfix direct (sorry no url) they also do them

some ppl call them tank cutters, others circle saws, mainly the latter i think
Poor, guys! I went to a local store and bought a Dewalt 4-1/2 inch one with no hassle. Look on the bright side, you guys should be able to buy a 120mm one.
No offense, but why is it so hard for you guys in the UK to find common everyday tools like a hole saw? It baffles me, I mean, I know you guys arent out there Flintstone-ing it and building stuff with chisels and rock.....
If hole saws are that expensive in the UK and hard to find you should definitely go with a dremel. Plus if you buy a hole saw that is all it is good that one size hole, at least with the dremel you can use it for alot of other thing. It is a plus to have it around the house for other jobs.
I guess the Brits think they're done building everything since they've had a 1,700 year head start on we of the Colonies.

Seriously though, I use a jigsaw. It's much faster and louder than a Dremel. The Dremel I save for finishing or for tight spaces.
There are several available in the UK. Dremel, Black and Decker, B&Q own brand.
My one is by Como Drills. A 240Vtransformer, it can be used for cutting, sanding, engraving, light routing and drilling. Just look in craft shops, or your local DIY shop (In Aberdeen, Square 1 on George Street) All sorts of accesories can be bought for them, and they range from cheap to expensive. Think about how much you'd use it before you splash out on a Dremel or B&D