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Holidays will take their toll on me

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Jun 8, 2002
Coppell, Texas
I'm going to have to turn off most of my rigs from December 14th through janurary 12th!

The dorms close for winter, which means I can't leave my folders on!
I will be at home though, so I can stop my brother from uninstalling folding on our 1ghz machine.

I will bring my main rig back home for the time, but my hopes of hitting 1000 points this year are gone;(
(well, that was a far stretch anyways... but still...)

I will be in the top 500 later today!

Anyone else going to have to do such a disturbing and borderline psychotic activity (turning off folding rigs, and possibly dooming the human race!) this christmas?

-Who wants to be my family's electric bill jumps $10 bucks over christmas?
Do the dorms shut off the internet for that time?

Cause I just had to shut down a rig I had that has not been restarted or shutdown for 33 days and 4 hours. Had to move it to a different room otherwise it might have been another few months.

Sorry to hear the holidays are affecting your folding!
I'll be running into the same problem... at least at my college, they will come around and check the rooms to make sure nothing is plugged in over the break (nothing plugged in, no potential for fires...)

although my gf's place off campus should be good to go :)
i think i can get the on again/off again fickle lab up the whole christmas break!! I am still trying to get it up year round but 98 is just not working with me in anyway!

that will be an extra 12. ghz for a solid month

12 ghz for a solid month sounds great to me :)

And Majin sorry to hear that you wont meet you goal by years end. But you'll get there eventually
Well my dad always is trying to turn my 2 rigs other than my main one off because he is worried about the power issues. I offered to pay for power but he won't let me and he thinks folding is a bunch of BS just like 95% of people I talk to....
get ahold of the 'hideit' program....works great for me here.

set folding to run at startup, hideit will "hide it" to where you cannot see it running from the desktop or the taskbar. I run mine 24/7 on 2 computers with several different users on them throughout the day, I never have to worry about someone turning it off, and if they reboot then FAH restarts and hides itself on startup, picking up where it left off.

So even if dad shuts down the computer at night at least you get as many hours in as you can..