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Holy Heat

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New Member
May 4, 2001
Hello all. I just put together a system yesterday...
1.2 Athlon 266fsb.
Thermaltake chrome orb
256 DDR 2100
PCChips 817 mobo
Enlight 7105e case
This puppy was running @ temps up to 63 degrees!
Now I realize that the orbie isn't the best fan on the market but 63 degrees? Holy heat. I also had 2 other case fans.
That was after fdisk,format and win98 install. Actually was worried and shut her down. My last build was a 1200 and temps were as low as 50-51 w/o even trying.
And that was a standard fan/heatsink.
Wow man, that's pretty warm.

Get some artic silver 2 and buy a better cooler.

Get one of these new copper based ones.

Plenty of good coolers to choose from nowadays.
yeah I got thermal grease on there. That thing is just down right warm. My local dealer has a volcano II, thinking of getting that. What would you suggest?
Been doin a looksy and see the swiftech mc370 looks good, and the Taisol. It is warm in my house, bout 90 outside and no A/C , but don't know the room temp, gotta be up there.
It was blistering swamp *** hot out the last 2 days. We just got a rain, and it has cooled off outside quite a bit. With the case open and a walmart fan aimed inside I got the case temp to 34 and the cpu temp to 52. vcore voltage is 1.7-1.8.
I am picking up a volcano II heatsink/fan tomorrow from a local dealer. If that don't help I am goin after a swiftech 370 or taisol. Any other suggestions?
BTW hthere is thermal grease on there
The big kick in the pants...
I have overclocked other cpu's b4 but not my personal rig.
I really wanted to play around with this one but with temps like this I might have to clock it down.
If I read correctly from the thread searches I should be looking for mid to low 40's b4 andafter o/c?