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Home systems rearrangement ideas? #firstworldproblems

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Mar 7, 2008
To put it quickly, I can't decide how to simplify my life. I have too many systems and want to reduce.

What I have (key points only)
TV gaming system: 11700k, 3070, 4k 120Hz TV G-sync compatible
Gaming laptop: 5800H, 3070, G-sync compatible 1080p 165 Hz
Streaming system: 7920X, 2070, 1080p main display, 1200p secondary display (no VRR).
Old gaming system, video editing: 8086k, 980Ti, 1440p 144 Hz G-sync native

Other spare displays: 3440x1440 60 Hz ultra-wide no VRR, 4k60 FreeSync.

I can move GPUs around. I can move monitors around. I can move systems around e.g. one of the other gaming systems can be placed close to the streaming system.

Things I want to try:
I'm debating having the streaming system to only do the streaming part, and not play the games. I have a capture device that can pass through 4k60 over HDMI, bought originally for console usage but could be used for PC too. I don't want to use that on the TV gaming system as it would cap the framerate. The 1440p gaming monitor is native G-sync so that has to be connected by DP, and can't be used with the capture device. The 3070 will be paired with the TV as the only way I can get >60 Hz output on it. Well, the laptop might be able to do it too.

Streaming system if not also used to play games wont need a powerful GPU, so the 2070 could be moved into the old gaming system, and connect that to the 4k60 display. 2070 is a bit weak for 4k though. And this option doesn't actually reduce the number of systems I use.

I could try using the laptop output to 4k monitor, but this may cause problems when I want to use the laptop native display and games need reconfiguring each time.

One last possibility, use the laptop as streaming system? In that case I'd keep either the streaming or old gaming system for gaming. Logically I should keep the old gaming system for gaming (with GPU moved over) but I do know Skylake-X has pretty bad resale value, and it does worse in gaming usage. Keeping old gaming system also means I don't have to worry about changing my video editing software, which is proving to be a pain to transfer settings.

So that turned into a bit of a brain dump... if anyone actually reads any of that and has further thoughts, it would be welcome.
I truly feel your pain (but a good pain🤔)
In all honesty, I would need to see your situation first hand - actually enter your home... - to give you my complete opinion. I am guessing part of your frustration stems from available physical space in your home. Sadly over the past 5 years I got behind on current computer tech and lingo. But I am rather good at condensing and maximizing usable space (at least that's what my happy customers tell me. I'm a self employed handyman - forgive my shameless plug).
Are your systems in different rooms? Or do you have multiple systems crammed together?
Personally a nice multi port HDMI/DVI KVM switch would make a big difference in my office\mancave. Can you combine systems to do multiple tasks i.e. multi boot system?

Well, not sure that actually helps your cause but at minimum you can know that one person paid attention to your post.