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Homemade Fan Filters

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bubba gump

Sep 19, 2002
Hey, i was wondering if it was possible, or simple enough to make fan filters? If anyone has done it before or knows of a guide that tells you how, please post info. Thx! ANY info is kindly accepted, and thank you in advance. :)
Nice job, that one looks good. But i was wondering, what did you exactly do to get that? Maybe if you could list materials, ill find for myself :).

I saw the part about what you used to cut it. So was it justa cd case see trhough part? What is the the thing that actually has the squareness, like for the corners. Thanks loads.

*edit* now i see that you just used the two fronts, What were the steps involved? Thanks again */edit*
It was just the front of a plain old cd cover, the edges were just the cd edges. I have put a thin bit of foam taped over them now so they fit a bit tighter.


CD cover
A stocking(or something similar)
A sharp compass(a dremel would prolly work if you were careful)
Some glue/tape
A bit of thin foam(like what comes in your mobo box)

BTW, they need cleaning every few days, so imagine if ALL that dust was going through my system!
Wow, thanx everyone. Lol, i guess ill have to tell parents to give me some of the older dryer sheets b4 they throw em away. :)

Once again, thank you you three. I do not want to wasted whatever it is 2-5 for a fan filter when i can make one myself. Thanx.
I think if I were designing the filter I'd want to put the filter on the OUTflow side of the fan.

(since only intake filters make any sense this will always be the side further INside the case.)

My reason is that all filter materials will eventually break down and filaments will fall into the blades, causing more/faster breakdown. Also, the INflow side of the fan is the unprotected spinning part and since its on the outside of the case its likely to be bumped/torn/worn.

The only advantage I can see to mounting the filter on the outside it for cleaning, which would be much easier.