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honest critiques for my upcoming newbie system?

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Mar 20, 2002
Somewhere cold in Canada
It's newbie system because I'm a newbie to the newest of computer hardware, and this is what my brother and I are going to put together from what I've studied on the webpages, this forum, and my friends. I'll include pricing in CDN to give a general idea of what I'm aiming for. This will be hard gaming system as well as a music and movie making platform, plus heavy burning. I'm still undecided on a mobo, video card and burner, but here goes:

-cpu:1800+ xp (244)
-mobo: [kt266]: SLDRV4 (205), SYK7V (226), KR7A133 (267), [kt333]: MSI KTUltra (240)
-fan: unknown, but about (50)
-mem: 256 DDR Ram 266 (124)
-hd:maxtor 80gb (250)
-video: [gf2ti w/64mb, vivo, agp]: MSI proVT (207), ASUS deluxe (250)
[gf3ti]: MSI proVT 128 mb, vivo (296), MSI proTD200 64mb, dti-vo (308), ASUS V8200 64mb, vivo (325)
[Radeon]: ATI R7500 dvi-vo (170), ATI R8500 dvi-vo (280)
-sound: SB Audigy Value (106)
-DVD: Pioneer 16x (119)
-CDRW: unknown, but choosing [24x, 10-12x, 40x, all BURNproof] from either of Mitsumi (154), Panasonic (165), Ricoh (150), Sony (163), Teak (170)

what's a recommended choice for a fan, CDRW, and a mobo to properly fit the system and price? are my choices good ones? What has potential for good oc-ing, or just plain lasting power?
canadian to american money? whats that anyways?

as for the system, you should get the ddr 2700 (333)
an epox 8k7a+ (i think thats what it is, the 333 one with raid)

get some round cables.

i would go with the ati 8500.

as for heatsink fan, go with the ax7 with either a deltascreamer (80cfm) or a 50cfm not so loud fan.

and whats the rpm on that maxtor?
what case you think of getting?
updates for theoretical system

Perhaps I'm getting an Epox, as that's two recommendations for that kind of mobo, but I am still undecided on one. The Epox mobo with kt333 is the 8k3a (+ for the raid). As for the HD, it's a 7200rpm. The case is more or less generic, with a window on the side because my bro wants lights and stuff.

I've decided on a CDRW, so what's left, really, is a video card (on a thread in the video and sound card forum), and maybe some more advice on a mobo.
k make sure you get at least a 400w psu, amd rec.

i def recommend the new epox, as for the + or not. thats simple

if you ever plan on having more then one hd in this new system go with the + if not then the non + is fine for you.

and make sure the case can have a good air flow, seeing as how you live in canada i doesnt have to be able to hold half a billion 120mms like some of us :D:D:D:D:D

i live in atlanta GA its already getting close to 80f here.

and if you really got the money, go with the allinwonder 8500.