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hooking up new router, need help

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New Member
Dec 31, 2003
hi, im new to networking and i just bought a linksys wrt54g router and i am having problems installing it. i have run the setup cd and the first step checks my internet connection from the modem straight to the computer and that works but in step two it says to hook up the modem to the router and when i do this the little green light where it says internet on the router keeps blinking( it is supposed to stay solid after it gets the internet conenction) and it tells me that the router isnt connecting to the internet. i have been trying to figure out why it wont connect when my modem works when hooked straight to my computer and the people at linksys werent much help with this the first time i called and i dont want to wait another 3 hours on hold with them so i would appreciate any comments.

i have a motorola surfboard modem and windows me and when im online straight from the modem to the computer it is connected using the usb cable from the modem

ill appreciate it if somebody can help

RED Hot Machine

Inactive Moderator
Aug 5, 2001
Firstly Welcome to the Forums :)

Most cable compaines use the MAC address of your USB modem or your network adapter as part of the security settings allowing you to login.

I've not used your paticular router, but see if there is a setting that allows you to spoof to the MAC address of the nic in your computer. Normally this requires you to enter the ip address of that machine into a setting field.


Mar 8, 2002
I would connect the Router to the modem, then connect your PC to the router. Then power off then turn on the modem and the router. After a minute for the equipment to stabilize, log-in to the router using (which is correct I think for the Linksys).

Then configure it manually using the manual.


Mar 3, 2003
New Jersey
actually its and the default password is "admin" w/o the quotes. i suggest you do an ipconfig /all in the command prompt when your computer is directly connected to the modem, and copy the ip address and the mac address down. then, connect your modem to your router, and computer to router. in most routers, to get to the manual settings, you just open up ie, and put the default ip address of the router in the adress bar(usually for linksys). you should be able to do everything else from there.