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Hope I'm not bugging too much :)

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Mar 20, 2001
So I've narrowed it down to a BlackIce Xtreme or a Heater Core.

Which of the two would you suggest?

I am not sure of the performance of either one mainly because I haven't seen any reviews.

P.S. Are these good temps for a Duron 700@975 1.85v?

This is using my new DD maze2, Eheim 1250, and Super Cube

Case Temp:23*C (idle and load)
Cpu Load:42*C
Cpu Idle:27*C (I use software cooling)
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The Black ice is a very nice radiator but a heater core is tough to beat. If you can afford it get the black ice but I doubt it will be much better if any than a heater core. Is this for the sytem you listed? Why not keep the Super Cube? The temps seem a little high. What kind of fans do you have on the radiator?
I have a 3000 RPM 85 CFM Fan on the radiator. I can feel the air on the other getting sucked in so I didn't that would be a problem.

I checked the seating of the block and the springs are pushed all the way down (the processor isn't cracked :)).

I tried removing the block and it seems the cpu is making contact because of the big square ArcticSilver mark. :)

I still believe it is the rad. Mine's a bit damaged so I want to exchange it for something else.
It's the area where the plastic nozzles are attached to the cube. One of them has been flattened some how. I didn't think too much of it till I started getting really crappy temps, but couldn't find out what was wrong!