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Horrible dialup speed, what happened?

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May 25, 2002
Okay I moved to a new location 10 miles away from my old apartment and tried to connect internet with my ol' Modem and guess what, I get speed like 9.6-22kbps, I played around with three different ISPs, Netzero, AT&T and MSN, they are all the same, I used to connect 53kbps even with netzero, What the hell!?! Do you guys think a hardware Modem will help?
Well, first of all, you have to remember that newer areas have newer and better phone lines. If you are in a rural area, your phone lines are going to be bad.

These horrible speeds are not your fault at all. It may be bad phone lines. It may also be that the phone company is switching from analog to digital too many times. Generally, it's analog from your phone to their station, then it's turned digital and sent through until it hits the station closest to the reciever, where it is turned back to analog. If it is switched any more than that, you will get a very lousy signal, kinda like what you are getting.

It may also be the lines in your house. If they are near sources of EMI (electro-magnetic interference), ie: power cables, flourescent lighting, etc. This is usually bad planning when installing the cables in the house.

If you know what you are doing, try moving your computer to the POP and run a fresh line to the computer. If you don't, try using a different phone jack somewhere else in the house.
My current house has horrible dialup speed also. It was because of the old wiring between my house and the telco. Thankfully, after 5 years on 28.8, AT&T came and installed fiber in my neighbor hood so i can get cable. If you have a laptop, try plugging it directly into your phonebox to see if the problem is with the internal house wiring or the teleco wiring.
Ok. Here's what you do. Call the phone company and tell them your fax doesn't work. Tell them it dials and sends, but the recipient only gets half the document and you constantly get failed transmission errors from your fax. When he comes out to tone test your lines, tell him that your buddy borrowed the fax to send out resume's, but it's working fine for him. Also tell him when it rains everyone you call complains that they can barely hear you.

The reason you do this is because most telco's dont give a crap about your computer connection and only care about voice and fax.

Lie. Lie your pants off till they fix it.