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Horror games...

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Feb 16, 2002
What are some excellent Horror games? Ones that have a real good story board and effects/graphics ? Thanks :)
Well it's pretty hard to make a game that will genuinely scare you. I started plying Undying and wasn't all that terrified. So I decided to enchance my experience: I waited until night, turned off all lights, got drunk silly, put on studio headphones to cut off all sound except the game, and tried again. I almost p*sseed my pants. :D
PipeBom said:
Does it realy give you the shivers when you play it??

1. Play at night with the lights OUT.

2. Turn speakers or headphones way up, dont bust your eardrums though.

3. Drink a beer or two (if your over 21).

4. Make sure to have the phone nearby so you can call mommy.

Yes, if you do play this game under the right conditions it will make you **** your pants and give you the shivers.

"What...what was that noise....something howling in the distance...sounds like its getting closer :eek:.
Resident Evil 3. When Nemesis pops out and says "STARS!" and the controler rumbles right out of your hands, you just about pee yourself. And it doesn't help if you have Marilyn Manson or NIN playing at the same time. Whether alone or with a friend, this is a recipie for brown trousers.
IcarusFalling said:
Clive Barkers "Undying" for sure.
I've only played the demo. But it freaked me out so much I couldn't bring myself to buy it.

/me cowers in corner remembering that game

I just downloaded the demo, it freaked me out !
yes, Resident evil scared me too. hehe, like when those doors
open. that was an okay game.
IcarusFalling said:
Clive Barkers "Undying" for sure.
I've only played the demo. But it freaked me out so much I couldn't bring myself to buy it.

Heck, it freaked me out so much I couldn't even finish the demo!!
Hmmm maybe ill have to download the demo to undying too! anyway resident evil was a pretty freaky game

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EDIT:LoL should probably post the link


there's a lot of them and all of them have an ad at the begining and a trailer for the movie but it's worth it to look at them all.