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HOT cpu

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Mar 15, 2002
Well i have a question. i have a thunderbird 1.3 i unclocked to normail, recently put in a new hdd and now my cpu temps shot way up. Instead of sitting at 122f (still hot) its now at 133 all the time full load or not. is there any suggestions for this? i have 7 fans in my case and recntly put in a blow hole up top which didnt seem to make a diffrence. I'll add a picture so if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to put up your suggestions

The black on is the cpu temp, sorry for the blurry ness
Yup made sure it was on tight and not moved ill look again mabe its all the wires in the way not getting anough spac? :-/
i have the ORB (kinda sucky one) and every things clean i usualy do that weekly
how is the wireing in ur system clean? u might want to go get some ziplocks or do what i did and go to ur market and grab a bunch of those little turny things u put on the bags of the fruits and what not and use those.. clean everything up and then if its still a bit messy u might want to make or buy rounded cables.. if u are brave enough to make them (the ata 100 and 166 are bitchs to make i should know i did it) or u can buy them from gandalf who makes them himself and sells them at a great price... by no means am i saying this will fix it but hey if u do that weekly is much easyer to work in a clean pc then a dirty one right :D