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New Member
Jul 6, 2001
Hi, (really new to this and just started upgrading and playing with stuff!!!)

I have an AMD 800 (unlocked by a friend), I have a gigabyte board, 32mb graph card and 384 RAM, I have a pretty big chunk of a heat sink and a 7000 rpm fan (+ 5000 rpm system fan)
The trouble is my computer room abient temp at the moment is about 30oC, and my Chip is at 60oC resting! If I use the easy tune software that came with my gigabyte board to push my chip to 900+ and the temp soars to 70+ (I take it this is not healthy!!) i even hit about 70 playing Unreal T.
I've got the side of my case off with a desk fan pointing directly at it, i've even introduced a huge room fan to bring the room temp down but my chip is still mega hot .....

What is an acceptable temp for my chip with this spec ?
What else can I do to cool down ?

Any help or ideas would be much appreciated.
Thanks alot!!
You can improve upon your temps. What core voltage does it take for you to OC that 800 to the 900+ you are achieving? That will help determine the wattage it needs to get rid of.

I'm not changing voltages (i think ?), I use the gigabyte easy tune software to change the FSB.. (?? So not sure of this ??)
No, its not...
sounds like the chip cooler is either: not good enough or does not have good contact (thermal tape or seated improperly). What cooler are you using?

Also, as Hoot said, what is your core voltage? You can find this out by going into bios. I'm not sure what default voltage for your chip is, but I'd guess 1.75??

*edit*....sorry, misunderstood the question...I am currently on an Intel chip, but from what I read on AMD, you probably never want to break 60*C, even OC'd. I would think you should be able to keep it maybe even below 50 if it's not OC'd. People with AMD chips can probably give you a better idea on temps than me. I can tell you that 70*C is screaming hot for any chip and you possibly risk frying the chip.

*edit again*.. we cross posts.
The problem is, I know nothing about Gigabyte borads, like whether they allow Halt-on-idle to be enabled.
This I do know. If you are running the default voltage of 1.75 on the core and 900 Mhz, you are dissipating only 47W. I run twice that wattage. If you do some math, at 47W and an ambient temp of 30C, with the right HSF, like the SK-6, Gladiator, Glaciator, CAK-38, etc. You can feasibly get the CPU temp to 40C or less. I'd say that your HSF, while its size and fan speed impresses you, is not doing the job you need it to do. Just being frank and honest. Even with an ambient temp of 30C, you should be able to spur that 800 Tbird to 1+G, using the right HSF. Throwing some dough at a quality HSF is more of an investment in the future than just an immediate fix. It will outlast your next 3 CPUs.

What are you figuring as current (A) for the chips to get the wattage computation? I'm assuming the equation is Voltage * Amperage = Wattage...so where do you get the amperage figure? Chip manuf. sites? I would assume they don't post overclocked amperage ratings for their chips...

Or am I way off...
you probably are using the thremal pad that came with your heatsink, don't. use only artic silver. and upgrade your heatsink, i recommend the thermo engine with a delta or the thermalright SR6 which is al;l copper
most deaf (Jul 06, 2001 09:38 a.m.):
you probably are using the thremal pad that came with your heatsink, don't. use only artic silver. and upgrade your heatsink, i recommend the thermo engine with a delta or the thermalright SR6 which is al;l copper

i'm sure its a type but its the SK6. Great HSF if you decide to get it. I think you are using the tape, i think with some good goop, you can lower your temps by quite a lot. If you don't want to splurge for some AS2 then get some of the heatsink compound from Radio Shack, its suprisingly good and will be much better than the tape.
I highly reccomend the SK-6 w Delta 38. I just received it and installed it this morning. (Also used Arctic Silver II) It dropped my temps 10 C to 12 C immediately. Next week I am getting a Lian-Li PC-60 with rounded cables to improve it further.
That will likely be your problem, I haven't heard anything really good about the Orb's on Athlons. I don't think they move enough air if I remember right. Take the HSF recommendations from the guys who posted above, they know what's going on with those for sure. Personally on my Athlon I run a FOP32-1, although if not for my desire for lower noise I would probably run a full hoot Delta 38CFM to keep it cooler.

Oh OK, I have a problem then - I have put the HSF directly on my chip - there is no tape or goop or anything.......

I was told metal on metal is the best way - Obviously i have been misinformed !!!

Time to go shopping!

Thank you all for your time and posts, being a newbie and very very green i'm glad to get some advice.

Will repost with new temps when i get some heat sink compound.