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HOT!!! - TBird 1Gig - HOT!!!

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Feb 15, 2001
Alright, I have been having some major heating pronblems with my new TBird 1Gig. My CPU temp goes to the 40+ degrees cel. with in 10 min...
I was told to just get a Alpha PAL6035 Ultra Kit with Delta 38cfm Fan for my TBird...
Is this the correct fan to get?
Do I need any case fans? If so, what type would you recommend? (Budget is not unlimited).
Other then advising air space is there any other advise you can give?

Computer content includes:
-320MB SD133 ECC Ram
-GForce Pro
-Sony CDRW 12/10/32
-CDRom 48x
-WD 20Gig HD
-IBM 6Gig HD
-Zip 100
-3.25 Flopy

Thank you so much for your time and help!
My 1.2Ghz cpu (9 x 133) is running right at 107F. However, my system is dead at the moment, but when it was running, and I was dogging it a bit, it would never go over 108F. Oh yeah, but I have a HedgeHog with a portable delta jet engine. :)
Was it the heat that killed it? Why do TBirds run so hot?
Man dude, I don't know, ask AMD ;D No really, I don't know, but they do, and yes, heat will kill VERY quickly. Without a heatsink, a 1.2Ghz can die a horrible burning death, in less then 8 seconds. AMD says that some of the newer cpus can handle temps of up to 95c, but i'd like to see that....not with my **** mind you... ;D
before I lowered the voltage on mine it would sometimes hit 40C (full load) with the cover off, now that I lowered the voltage it has never gone higher than 37C, so if your around 40C with Air cooling you should be fine. I'd say you don't want it to be going over 50C on a regular basis
40C is no too hot, and yes if you get a Alpha get one with a delta fan. My old 6035 with the sunon fan kept my 1.2ghz at 52C, the FOP 38 I have now 40C.