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Hot watercooled system

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Aug 7, 2012
Hi guys

Im having some doubts about my new system and the temps i get on it.

Cooler master silencio 550 Midi Tower
Power Supply: Corsair HX850W ( Placed at buttom of tower taking air from below the tower. Dust filter between power supply and buttom of tower )
MOBO: ASRock Z77 Extreme 6
CPU: Intel I7 3770K
RAM: Corsair vengeance 1866 MHZ ( 4x4 =16 GB )
Graphic: MSI GTX680 Twin Frozr OC 1058 MHZ
Harddisk: 2x 128 GB OCZ Vertex 4 and 1x 1 TB Seagate 7200 rpm 12.1
Optical Drive: Liteon Blueray drive
Case Cooling: 2x 120 mm fans in front ( 1 was already installed the other one taken from back exhaust in the tower. Both run silent at 750 rpm and are behind dust filter)
CPU Cooling: Antec H920 with both fans replaced to SilenX Ixtrema Pro 120 mm red led ( 1400 rpm 73cmf ). Air is exhausted at the back of the tower where the origal fan was replaced to have 2 fans at front instead for air intake.
CPU thermal compound: Arctic silver MX4

First setup with no OC and Corsair H80 water cooler standard fans and standard compound that was already attached to the cooler: idle 29 C ( No load temp measured ). The pump of this unit was so loud it was anbaerable. I just wanted to turn the system off. Noise came because of some voltage issue with the H80 and H100 series. Unplugging fans from the H80 and setting them on motherboard made noise go away. Still it had to be excanged and to something else because i read of all those people having this issue and some of them replaced the unit 3 and 4 times with new ones with the same issue.

Second setup with stock cooler ( It was weekend so i couldn't exchange the H80 ). Stock cooler and some cheap white compound i had laying arround. This got quite hot at 39 C Idle and arround 80 Load temps with prime95 after 15 min. Still no OC.

Third Setup Antec H920, standard compound attached to cooler and standard antec fans included with cooler. Idle 32 C full load with prime95 arround 70 C. Still hot and this pump also had some ratling noise. Read again that this was because of an air buble, that it was normal and i had to shake it for the noise to go away. Tryed to unattach it shake it alot and hurray, it was gone... for one day. Next day it was the same noise again. Noise was gone when i layed the tower on the side so Mobo and pump was vertical. Raising tower to stand on feet and MOBO and pump horisontally would recreate the noise instantly. Untached the pump again and moved it 45 degrees counter clock wise so the plugs where the tubes are atached wasn't at the buttom of the pump facing the graphic card but instead at the left side facing the memory blocks. This made the noise go away permanently ( 1 week so far ).

After that i had to use the old compound again i had laying arround and my temp got to 35 C idle and load at arround 75 C. Still no OC. Liquid temp in the water cooler were arround 41 C. I could turn up fan speeds to 2500 rpm max, and it would go down to arround 67 C for the Cores and 36 C liquid in load after a few min. But then the fans were REALLY loud, so this wasn't an option. The Pump itself btw is always doing max of 2800 rpm.

Fourth setup. Still antec H920 placed so that it didn't make noise. but with replacing the compound to arctic MX4 and the cooler fans from stock fans to Silenx Ixtrema Pro 120. CPU Idle at 27 C and load at 62 C, still using Prime95. In games it was arround 52 C ( Diablo 3 everything on max ). This was with 1400rpm on the new fans which is fine for them regarding noise.

Did an OC to 4 Mhz and now i have 34 C Idle and about 70 C Full load with prime.

I wrote this thread to both give some information regarding how much the water cooling, compound and fan changes reduced the temps in my setup, so other can compare and to give some inputs to the noise issues i had and what the cause/solution was for the water coolers.

Also i would like to know what you guys think of those temp. I read Ivy bridge get hot, but still i think my temp are way too high compared to the cooling setup i use.

Any comments is appreciated.

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Aug 7, 2012
you dont think water gets hot because of cpu is hot ?


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Aug 16, 2009
Before I built a custon loop I have tried H70, Antec 920 and an H100. I didnt play with the fans as much but of the 3 the H100 was the loudest and I liked the Antec 920 the most mostly because of the built in fan controler which allowed me to ramp up my fans as the coolent got warm. I have 1 question, how do you have the rad oriented? I found that having the inlet and outlet hoses at the bottom this will stop any air from getting back into the loop which I think is art of your problem.


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Mar 12, 2002
Considering your single 120MM liquid cooler your temps are as good as I would expect them to be. Your CPU is capable at running at 105C without failure, and 80-90C is considered acceptable on those chips.

Glad you managed to get your temps down to a fair level.


New Member
Aug 7, 2012
Thanks for your responses.

I have the hoses on the radiator at the buttom, towards the graphics card. On the heatsink/pump they are turned 45 degrees to the right, facing the memory blocks. I had to turn it to avoid an annoying clicking sound of some trapped air i guess. Tryed shaking etc. But could only get rid of it after turning it so the hoses wasn't at the buttom of the pump.

I have made a change now and exchanged the 2 front silent cooler master fans running max at 700 rpm to the antec fans originally placed on the radiator. they run between 700 and 2500, but i try to keep them at 1000 to 1200 rpm. They are connected to mobo fan control. on the radiator i still use 2 x silenx pro 120mm fans running at 1400 rpm. They have really good noise vs CMF ratio and they exhaust air from the case through the radiotor and out at the back of the case in a push/pull config. Also i made at 140mm hole at the top of the case and put in a Corsair 140 silent fan with dust filter as intake right above memory blocks to have cold ambient air pulled down in front of the fans exhausting air through the radiator. This was because my case air got really hot.

Im running quite ok now at 4.2 Mhz, with Vcore offset to -0.050v. I can do 4.4 Ghz at -0.040 Vcore offset, which i might switch back to later again. Current temp are arrounf 85 C with Intel burn test extreme settings and 78 C with Aida 64 stress test. So thats fine i guess. It helped also to make the Vcore offset regarding CPU temps.

Only thing that bothers me know is that still case air gets a llittle hot and liquid temp getr to 44 C. This makes the fans on my graphic card go crazy to cool it. Its a GFX 680 OC to 1058 from factory ( MSI Twin Frozr ). However it reaches only arround 70 C, so i lowered the fan rpm vs temp settings manually so now i still only gets arround 2 C hotter to 72 C but with rpm at 2400 instead og 3200. Helped alot noise wise.

Had a pretty graphic intensive game runnng for an hour and still was at those temps. Noise level reported by the Antec Chill software is 24 DB.

I think im doing ok. One thing left to try would be change radiator to intake and top 140mm fan to exhaust or simply put the radiator outside case and mount it on the back.... or i could put another intake with low rpm on the side, but i dont think i want hot air from the radiator puhed into the case even though the top fan would exhaust it and another fan at the side i dont think would be worth it enough to make another hole in the case tbh.

If you have any experience with radiator fans intake vs exhaust on the rear of the case, then i would like to hear whats best and if you think i should change that setup.



Sep 15, 2007
Small town Emlenton, PA
Best for absolute temps is cool room through the rad into the case. But then airflow is tricky. Seems you have done all you can except gone crazy with fans or save up money for a full on WC setup. Your doing great.