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Houston, we have a problem....

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Senior Member
Dec 25, 2000
....and its called...CONDENSATION...OH SH*T! I decided to reach my patty in and touch the water block...it felt MOIST...uh oh. Now what? This is bad. I brought the system back up, and its running at 1320 right now, at 85F, and radaitor at 72F, ambient is 73F, but this is REAL bad, oh crap....what do I do now? I've spent a butt load of money on this project, and this is a SERIOUS problem. Any help?

doh. :(
I feel your pain! a few weeks ago I installed my 85w tec along with my watercooling. Well I was very impressed with the temps at first, and I was able to lower my voltage which lowered the temps even more. I was running around 2c @ idle and about 8c under full load!

Well all of a sudden the next day I started having lockups, BSOD's, and randomn reeboots. Lost my video card and eventually could not even load windows at all! Not even in safe mode.

Took my cpu off the waterblock and there it was! quit a bit of water sitting right on core! OUCH!!! (luckily I had the cpu coated with polyeurathane) I cleaned everything off really good and put it all together but this time I actually used permatex silicon to seal the insulation right to the cpu (which I did not do the first time). As well as the waterblock (which I did the first time around).

The only problem I have right now is, the system wont post sometimes from a cold boot, and I get some readings at bootup that say my cpu temps is 67.5c! I need to let it run for a while when it wont post and then shut it off and back on and then it will work. But once it's running it runs great. For some reason this time I'm not able to lower my voltage so my temps are not nearly as low.

About 13c at idle and 20c under full load. A big difference!

I did order a new waterblock from tom leufkens as well as a 40mm copper cold plate. I think that will make a difference. The waterblock I have right now is fairly big. I got it from work and drilled holes to mount it to the cpu.