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How about some input on an upgrade!

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Apr 21, 2001
OH-Heartland of the USA
The mainboard is a K7S5A and the memory is PC133. Now, I was thinking of upgrading to a faster CPU, 1466 MHz just isn’t fast enough anymore.:D

Here are 3 scenarios. Which one would you go with?

An Athlon T-Bird 1100 MHz with a 200 MHz FSB on the chip, a ‘B’ style chip. This would utilize the multiplier of 11 and coupled with a system FSB of 146.6 on CPUFSB, I would get 1613 MHz. This processor costs $76.00

An XP1700 which actually runs at 1463 MHz and also uses a multiplier of 11. But to get there it utilizes the 133 MHz on chip FSB. So, since the board cannot change the multiplier, I still use the 11 and again up the FSB to 146.6 to yeild the same 1613 MHz. This processor costs $115.00
( I know all about the QuadraSpeed and how much more ‘work’ the XP does)

Or, how about this? A T-Bird 1400 ‘B’ chip which costs $100.00. Multiplier of 14 times 146.6 FSB to get to 2052 MHz!!!
Why, I don’t know if that is possible!!

Has anyone used the 1.4 CPU with this board??

I’m going to go check………:)
I've got the 1700+ setup, very very stable at 146.6fsb.
Still trying to get it to boot at 150.

BTW, Nice to see you back Flounder43
So, do you think a 1.1 Athlon T-bird would OC to 146.6?

Aside from the hype about the XP chips, is there a big advantage over the T-Birds?
Do they typically run cooler?