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How about Tom Leufken??

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Jun 14, 2001
Athens - Greece
i was wondering if the watercooling and peltier kits of tom leufken are good. i've read many reviews sating that they are ok but i want your opinion too plz.
I bought the Leufken complete kit--with case. This has all of the components of the standalone kit, so I'll address those first.

* The water block is pretty nice. The bottom is good and shiny, but not perfectly flat (I lapped mine);

* The water bock clip is pretty poor--I had to bend mine to prevent the block from overlapping the chip socket.

* The radiator/fan combination is decent;

* The water tank has a pretty lame gasket that does not prevent leaks, in my experience;

* The pump seems to do the job, but it's a pretty cheap unit. I'll replace it before too long.

Overall I'd say it's a good deal for the money. The only real concern with the preceding is the pump--not sure how durable it is.

Now, I do *not* recommend that you buy the kit with the case! The case is way too small and is generally a piece of sh*t (screws everywhere--a real pain). It also has no intake fans and no good way to install enough fans to balance the air outake. I did a 120mm Panaflow blowhole, but who needs that aggravation. Also, the radiator/fan blocks the top 5 1/4" bay, so you will *not* have room for a CD-RW and a DVD drive. The case is so short that a second drive would strip cpacitors and/or fan headers from your mobo.

Unfortunately I can't give you any results, because my new main board arrived DOA and I'm waiting for a replacement.

Finally...Tom has been very responsive to e-mail questions, usually getting back to me within 4-5 hours. That's a big plus in my book.
thanks for your reply, i was not thinking to get the set with the case anyway... i have a nice case and liketo keep it. but it's true that it's cheap and as you say it's not that bad. fast reply to e-mails is a really big plus!