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How are 5700 series drivers?

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Magical Leopluridon Senior
Nov 28, 2001
in a magical field
Just wondering how people with 5700 cards are finding the drivers as far as issues - anything from game glitches to stability. I know when the 5000 series came out there was at least one game (RE5) that didn't render properly. And while there are many threads where the cards seem to run fine there are also many where people experience glitches, crashes, and 'driver stopped responding' errors. So I'm wondering how people are feeling about these cards and drivers overall.

Positive and negative findings are both useful.


Jan 5, 2010
I am currently running 2 5770's in xfire. everything seemed fine until i started playing RE5, the cutscenes dropped my FPS from 120 to 20. thats when i started looking for a solution the new 9.12 hotfix solved all of my problems with that. I only have 1 issue with the cards now is that when i OC them with my 2 monitor setup the second monitor glitches all the time. but i heard that this issue only happens with 2 monitors ( i do not have an eyefinity setup to comment on it) but other than that if i only have 1 monitor and OC it everything is fine.


5up3r m0d3r4t0r
Aug 11, 2008
I hope they're not bad, since I just ordered one yesterday for my bro's system. It will be my first ATI card, and I'll give you some feedback after I mess around with it.


Sep 16, 2001
Alpine, WY
I'm having good luck with mine so far. I'm using mine in a eyefinity setup. The only glitch I've found so far is playing IL2 1946. If you choose OpenGL to play all the text appears as blocks. It works fine in DirectX though.