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How are Top Motor fans?

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I have a couple of the Top Motor 80mm 34cfm fans that I bought from Best Byte about 6 months ago. I think that they are decent cheap fans. Obviously they are not going to move as much air as some of the more expensive fans, but they do a decent job. I have not had any problems with mine.
Same here. Have two of the 80mm 34cfm,30dba case fans. Got them for about $4 each. They do a decent job in my opinion.
i love em!!! i have boughten like 8 from there:p they are good!
Weak in pressure and CFM but they're really quiet ;)

Evercool is who Lian-Li puts in all of their cases FYI

I've bought like five of them (80mm), as they're real cheap and quite! no problems here, they're good enough. Oh, and I also have a small (actually a tiny) northbidge fan by Top Motor. It works great!
I have 3 top motors on my fish tank
and 8 in my water cooling enclosure

They are pretty quiet. The only one I had fail was on that I had dropped into sal****er (while unplugged) (I probably didn't let it dry off enough before using it)

you might want to check ebay too, I got mine there for about $2 each shipped
hey broken, mine dropped into the water twice while working and it works, though somewhat more slowly... :)
mine slowed, you could tell it wasnt spinning at top speed, then later that night I smelled a burning electronics smell. It didnt last more than 4 hours Is there something wrong with the words salt water? I see the letters a re **** in my previous post.