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How bout a Peltier

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Mar 15, 2001
I'm just pondering about getting a cheap little peltier and putting in between my H/S and CPU.

Is this a good idea?

If so where can I get the best deal on one?
What cpu and hsf do you have?

I'm not certain about this, but if you get too small of a peltier, it won't be able to move all the heat your cpu is putting out, so your temps will actually go up. If you want to get a peltier, you almost need to go all out with that and a watercooling system.

just my 2 bits...
If you have an AMD this would be a bad idea as they put out to much heat for an air cooled pelt. You would need 1 or 2 large pelts and water cooling. But on a Celeron or P3(puts out far less heat then AMD) you can get away with an 80w pelt, a cold plate and a good HSF. While water would be better you can still get some decent gains on air.
Durons are ok. A 72 or 80 watter should do the job. Leufkentechnologies.com has some kits available. If your heatsink is good, you should be fine