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How bout at/atx case, and fans on the case?

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Jan 2, 2001
Well, I'll be upgrading my comp, and i wasn;t thinking about changing the case, but now that i realize my case doesn't have room for fans in front and on the rear end,
i realize that i need to change my case. So what do you guys think about the case? Which ones are good for overclockers?(at/atx????)
And how am i supposed to get those fans on my case, cuz looking at my case, it seems like it wasn;t designed for getting fans on. ITs got a bunch of holes, but it doesnt have a room for installing them. I've heard about peeps using lasers to cut their case -_-;which is a bit hardcore, but would i need to be cutting my case with a laser gun if i wanna install those fans?
Thanks fer reading, and get some repliez on the board...please:)
All aluminum, look at my most recent post in this discussion topic. Cooler Master's has some great cases but damn if they aren't expensive. PC Power and Cooling has sold me on their power supplies, maybe they have some of the best fans? www.pcpowercooling.com anytime, COZY
Antec makes some great cases, also Enlight and Inwin. Take your time, check out Pricewatch.com, and you'll be able to find a case that fits your needs. If you need to cut fan holes, you can use a Dremel, jig saw, or metal cutting hole bit for a drill.
If you are unconfortble making holes in your case like me, take a look in some of mine easy solutions:

-Adapt 1 or two fans in a slot cover bay with a litle window for the air and make a litle box to duct the air, so that you can suck hot air from top (picture)

-A guy copied my side panel case in acrilic with a 120mm fan hole, about U$ 14 for the side acrilic and U$ 6,5 for the 120mm fan! Stayd nice with a lamp inside!

- Slot coolers.. If you have spare pci/isa slots, you can add 80mm fan solutions that suck out hot air... especialy that from the videocard...

This Helped me... :)
Go for the Antec SX830 I cant say enough good about this case it comes with two fans and has places for two more it is big and roomy and has an excelent power supply. I have a P3 600@841 my case temp is the same as ambeint room temp and it lowerred my CPU temps by a couple of degrees
Thank fer all your Input :)

Well i read several articles on overclockers.com on cooling, so i got a better idea now of what air cooling is all about.
Well ill probably be getting one or two 120mm fans in the lower front and up the upper rear end :).
Then ill probably have a chimney fan(120mm) and if possible a agp/pci slot cooler fan, and a hard drive fan. That would be enough, wouldn't it? Oh yeah and a temperature monitor. Do u guys know bout the temperature monitor hardwarez? I think i need one, or do i need one? Cuz i can juss assume that its cool enough. I just hope i dont find that my CPU melted into a smelly goo of silicon:).
if you want a nice case with air cooling check out this site. You can buy theirs or sent them one you already have. Its a little expensive but they have good ideas. Also you can get it color (if you have extra money, which no one ever has).
As stool says, use a dremel - that's what i used and it makes pretty short work of the steel case. Plus you can use the grinding bits to easily clean up jagged edges. Just make sure you use the fibreglass reinforced cutting discs - they don't break as easily as the usual cut-off discs, and having one shatter at 33000rpm isn't fun ;-)

There's a great guide over at hardocp on case modding, with lots of clear pictures and great advice - check it out: http://www.hardocp.com/articles/casemod101/part1_2/ and for an introduction to the tools: http://www.hardocp.com/articles/casemod101/intro/