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How can a 1.4 T-bird OC'd to 1.6Ghz be better than Athlon XP 1600+?

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I'm sorry but EDITED The PR rating is of course in contrast to INTEL PENTIUM 4 cpu's, and not with the T-Bird. SO a athlon XP 1800 is as fast as a 1800 mhz Pentium 4 while only at 1570 mhz. If i was to overclock a 1.4 ghz athlon T-Bird to 1570mhz, it would be the same as an ATHLON XP 1800. Except maybe one thing, maybe games and apps that use SSE will just be a tad behind, other than that, everthing will be on par.

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did you not read any of the posts in this thread?
and u really dont know who your talking to here, so id quit while your ahead. bye!!
Plankton, great post:D I think a lot of the confusion is the fact that people confuse benchmarking against the P-4 and the model # system. Of course AMD is going to benchmark against Intel but that does not mean that they are devising there model # from that. So they can make the statement "The AMD Athlon XP 1900+ will outperform an Intel Pentium® 4 processor operating at 1.9GHz on a broad array of end-user applications," . This statement says nothing about the Model # formula but some are perseiving as such. I personally do not. I see it as a statement about the benchmarks.
ok, sorry about my earlier post, I actually read about it on overclockers.com a while ago! Tell you what, lemme do some digging around gimme like 2 days, I will post it with proof (of what i read from website) I will get the address of exactly where I read it.
Mal T-Bird@1400 242 OCAU
MoJoMaN XP@1540 243 OCAU

And here we can see a T-bird 1.4 beating out an xp at 1540?
Silver said:
Mal T-Bird@1400 242 OCAU
MoJoMaN XP@1540 243 OCAU

And here we can see a T-bird 1.4 beating out an xp at 1540?
I don't know what's going on with this xp but it is way slow maybe something was going on in the back round. Right now I'm folding a gnra hairpin I will be post over there and at 1654 it is doing a frame in 228 sec that will put me just below hitman xp@1630
Source AMD Tech Tour 2002

The current AMD XP models (Palominos but also upcoming Thoroughbreds and even Bartons) are rated against AMD Thunderbirds. AMD reps wouldn’t say if Hammers will be rated against Thunderbirds as well - that's their position on the matter.