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How can i enable FSAA ?

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Feb 16, 2002
I've got a voodoo4 4500 PCi and im using it on windows xp pro but 3dfx tools wont work in here so is there another program that i can use to enable FSAA ?
with that rig i doubt games will be useable with FSAA turned on...even at 2x. But im sorry i cant answer the question because ive never owned a Voodoo. To enable FSAA in an NVidia card you right click the desktop,click Settings, then Advanced, then clickk the tab with the video card name on it, and then additional properties...look in there to find FSAA and AA options. I hope this helped you :eh?:
FSAA on the voodoo's in XP looks just like it does with other operating systems, you just have to get your hands on the right drivers.

I found a set that works the best with any game I play ( including UT2K3..just gotta turn off "projectors" in the game settings )

Try them out, they have been flawless in all my rigs that are STILL running voodoo's in them...AND the 3DFx tools work, no need for other software. ( if you get these...install them TWICE...first time..install...ignore any errors that pop up...then reboot...then when back in windows..install them again, do not uninstall them...install them the second time OVER themselves...ignoring whatever error the installer reports...then reboot...the FSAA and all the other goodies will be available under the 3Dfx tools then! I dunno why it works that way, but it does...one more thing...keep "hidden surface removal" disabled, it has problems with newer games where it locks the game screen...but you can still see glitches of the desktop behind it...with it disabled, the drivers run without a hiccup!)


hope this helps a fellow voodoo owner...:D
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thank yoiu :) there are just so many drivers to goto now'a'days heh haha :) ill try these :) ive tryed the writers drivers before and the were ok so i hope these ones wil be too