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How can I OC 1.2G AXIA TB 266fsb to 1.5G

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Mar 24, 2001
Staten Island , New York
I Have an AXIA 1.2G 266fsb TB I tried geting it to 1.5G but It just wont work when i set it @ that it wont go on then I turn if off then back on and it says 1466mhz thats like the highest it will go and it wont even go into windows my voltage is 1.85 I did the pencil trick I think idid it rite lol I got a global win Fop38 fan , art2silver. I can't set anything in my bios as the newer ASUS A7V133 Mobo don't have the feature to OC in bios no FSB to set in bios neither multiplier I only have the dipswitches to set it with and I duno a higher FSB setting for dipswitches other then 133 in my manual that it shows. The last A7v133 I bought had onboard audio also, this 1 dont got it its diff I updated my bios also and no changes its same I wish it had the Bios thing to set fsb and multiplier instead of dipswitches I tried to set it to Jumper default that didn't do nuttin. If u can help me plz reply ty = )