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How can I output Maximus XI Hero bios settings and values to view via Windows?

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Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
I left emails for a few sources, but the only one that responded, so far, was AMI -- they did not go into as much detail, and they directed me to ASUS. While retired, I have quite a few other projects on my plate, so I am not losing sleep over this. I do appreciate your effort. Thanks.
Yeah, a marketing guy 'intercepted' the email (thankfully...) from going to tech support and gave me that response. Then tech support responded saying essentially what they told you...look at software from the vendor.

Oh well. Let us know if you find something. :shrug:


Senior Member
Dec 27, 2008
I have clearly stated what I am looking for, trents, so if you can provide a solution, that would be great. While you have rightly or wrongly perceived a tip-toed question, consider that that question exists only in your inquisitive mind and not others. Regardless, you have every right to ask the question, as it is also my right to (not) answer it as I see fit. ;)

You have clearly stated what you are looking for but you have not stated at all why you are looking for it. If we knew the answer to that we might even help you find a better solution to accomplish the end goal than what you have envisioned. And I sincerely doubt this question exists only in my inquisitive mind. When people are giving of their time trying to help others they like to think there is some practical benefit to it all.