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how can i power this thing?

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Jun 19, 2001
winnipeg, canada
i am building a new system that i want to watercool... a 1.33tb - up to 1.5 at least... with a 550W enermax psu... how can i power my pump right off the psu? i dont want to have another power cable hanging out of my box... thx
im no watercooler, and probably don't know what im talking about.
you'd have to find a decent pump that ran on 12v DC, maybe they all do by default but this is just something to check because its probably very difficult or even impossible to power lets say a 30v dc or so pump with a normal powersupply
so do some research on the pumps powering stuff

if it does run on 12v DC, you'd have to get a male molex connector, clip the wire on the pump, and wire the stripped pump wire into the right pins in the molex, then you could hook it up just like a standard computer component
someone correct me please.....
pump uses 115-125volts, where the max output is 12volts
so, i guess you could open up your PSU, and make another connection from where the power cable plug ins, if your psu has a monitor output on it, just cut the wires from that and put your pump cable into it
i wouldnt recomend this though, you needa be good at wiring, and make cause the psu to lack in power (prolly wont happen)
also, if anything fails, remember your pump fails, comp overheats, and F***s lots of things up, so be careful
i just wired my pump up to a relay, so the pump turns on when i turn the computer on, but still, i have an addition power cable to the box, what i did is i ripped the powerplugin thing from an old PSU, and put it on my case, then use an addition computer plugin cable to my computer, looks good, nothing wrong with it
you could even tape 2 power cables together if you do this, and itll just look as good, and you shouldnt have a prob
I took apart one of my psu's, cut a hole, and mounted an outlet inside so I can plug the pump in with no extra wires comming out of the case.
There is an article in the watercooling section of the front page on how to wire a relay to your pump. I would add a bypass switch so you can run your pump for filling, testing and bleeding without turning on your computer.