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SOLVED How cool = stable?

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I am leaning more and more towards the idea of water cooling, one minor problem I don't want a power bill greater than the national debt (so pelts are out of the question as are any other power driven cooling), what I currently have in mind is... hoses connected from the case to the 2 waterblocks back to the case (no other water cooling in the case) now the tricky bit...
I figure a descent size radiator (since the is no size restraints) with 1 or 2 120mm fans, maybe then into some copper coiled pipes, into a large resovior (somewhere between 10 - 20 litres) with a descent water pump to get the water through the system.
Now I dont want to be deafened by the fans and pumps.
Would I be able to keep this close to ambient without the rad fans? and would it keep 2 x P3 700's @ 1gig from crashing?
Any thoughts on heatsinks on waterblocks?
you should have no problem since you effectively have 3 radiators, 2 good ones plus the coils which do well in there own right. The evaporative/bong/water tower cooling is also ver effective and cheap, two good things!
Does anyone make something like what I'm after?
I don't want to reinvent the wheel..If one is already commercially available it might be just as easy to buy it...