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--How Do I Connect Un-Tailed Fan??--

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World's Biggest E-Thug
Feb 9, 2002
i have a big PSU fan and it has a 2 pin connector. i have no
2 pin connectors so i stripped the connectors and now have
a black and a red wire.

im going to put it in a molex. the molex has a red then a black
then a nother black then yellow wire. what goes with what?

so i just stick them in and boot, right?

thanks, any help would be appreciated. :p


Aug 9, 2001
A galaxy far, far away
On the 4 wires coming from your PS, the voltages are:

Red +5VDC
Yellow +12VDC
Both Black are grounds, or 0VDC

Check the fan label for the voltage it is designed for. This will determine if you use the Red or Yellow P/S lead. The black lead from the fan will connect to either of the black leads on the P/S molex.


Feb 9, 2002
I just had this same problem. I hooked my fans red wire to my psu's yellow wire and the black to one of the other black wires (both black wires are grounds so it doesn't matter which one you use. Heres a link to the thread I started.


I hope this helps.

P.S. Dont try every wire combo to see which is best (like I did.) One combo made my computer shut off and I was so scared I fried everything. Luckly I didn't but it could've.