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how do i copy a hard drive?

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Dec 24, 2001
guys this is very important for my sanity.
i just added my raptors in raid0 on the silicon image controller and i dont need to tell you about the corruption issuse as well known as it is.

anyhow i want to ghost my raid0 drives to one of my ide drives.
ive not seen a copy of ghost for trial or anything else that will copy a whole disk to another drive.

i only have 2-3 gb of info,but with chances of corruptions at every reboot im afraid to reboot :(

ideas, suggestions?
im on win2kpro btw.
Get a burner and backup all your data. You should have it backed up anyway, in case something like drive corruption tries to eat it. At 2-3GB, you shouldn't need more than a 5 pack of CD-Rs.

Then reinstall your OS on another drive. Problem solved.
possible for you to use an old small drive? or create a new partition on another drive out of the free space? both would keep things isolated
burn to cd/dvd, or copy to a usb drive, or network to another of your computers and transfer to it's IDE drive if you don't have a free IDE slot on your RAID machine (not sure how that would work exactly...if the single IDE drive would still work if you had to reinstall the OS. Anyone know if you could just plug the single drive back in and have it work?)
see thats the problem.when it corrupts you dont even get to see windows ever again.there is no repair or trying to use a backup.

some people going threw corruption hell with this silicon image drive can attest iits a nasty corruption when it hits.i even had it wipe out a copy of win98 on the same array.
actually it might be easier said its an array corruption as it wipes everything to crappolla.

i have 2 20 gb wd 7200's so i figured id use one on an ide channel and just copy to and from that to my raid array.
u try getting into the drives with dos? You can copy yo your other harddrive if you are having problems.
I've used powerquest drivecopy before. It worked like a charm, but I remember it being slow. It supports drives of different sizes, etc.
Another problem you may run into is if youre trying to replace one drive with another. I remember trying to do this at one point but it wouldnt copy the MBR. Does powerquest drivecopy do that? I don't think that's freeware though, anyone have any ideas on any free stuff?
wow 2 hours to copy a drive? least thats what some say on the reviews at cnet.
dang i can install everything in 2 hours myself.hmmm ill still try it as i only need 3gb copied and my drives are insanly fast on my raid array.