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How do I get into my GF4 Bios?

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Mar 3, 2002
I am well aquainted with all of the "how too's" concerning my mobo bios but I do not know how to enter my Video card bios. I see the boot screen fo it when I boot up my rig, but how do I access it? Can I tweak my vid card through it's bios just like I do the rest of my system through the mobo bios?

My vid card is the GF 4 Ti-4600 (evga.com)

I will be getting my 2.8 P4 today so I will have my desktop system up and running as soon as the fedEx dude drops off my proc.
I'm pretty sure it's not possible to get into your video card bios like that. There is a utility called Nvidia Bios Editor that lets you modify bios files before you flash them to your card. I used it on mine to get rid of the boot screen thus increasing the total system boot time. ;)
So you have to modify the files and then reflash yuor vid card? Man...thats kind of a hassle.
Out of curiosity... what do you need to get into the bios for?
You can modify clock settings in the BIOS, and make them permanent! I modded my MX440 bios so it boots up at 320/480 instead of the stock 270/400.
Cullam3n said:

Out of curiosity... what do you need to get into the bios for?


Huummmmm?? Uuuhhhh? Could it be overclocking/tweaking my card?
Cullam3n said:

No you don't need to... Look for RivaTuner or Powerstrip at guru3d.com

vido bios editing is the next level of overclocking. if your a avid riva tuner user then the next logical step is to mod your bios and upgrade it while your at it