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How do i get my [email protected]#@$$ fan quieter

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Senior Member
Mar 9, 2001
Queens, NY
youthemandan (Jul 12, 2001 08:17 a.m.):
I got a WBK38 and its loud. Where can i get a quieter fan. Also help me with the new fan installation.
if you get a new fan it will not be that good at cooling what i would do is change your fan to 7V which will make it queit down to a humm


Dec 19, 2000
you could get a rheostat, but that may be a little out of your league from the sounds of your post. Sidewinder sells a pretty simple rheostat if you want to use of one. What it does control the amps going to your fan so if you turn the switch it will slow it down.

Allan Nielsen

Senior Member
Dec 18, 2000
Denmark, Europe
I've tried to make some sense in the "Delta 7v mod" thread, you can find it here:

It shows you which wires to connect to make it run at the much quieter 7V, instead of 12V. An easy and free mod. Good luck!


Administratively Deficient
Mar 15, 2001
The best way to quiet the ole Delta down is with a baseball bat. If that doesn't strike your fancy then you might get consider using an 80mm fan...there are several references on how to do that for GW without getting a special adapter.