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how do i get this fan on the greenie??

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Jun 14, 2001
Athens - Greece
so, I wanna add a fan to my greenie to cool down a bit the northbridge (I heard that by cooling it down higher bus speeds can be achieved, is that true?) but the %$%@$%^$^@ processor is in the way! it's a pentium 3 slot 1. when I put the 40mm fan on the greenie the processor won't fit in the slot. what can I do for that? please help meeee!
Just got done playing with my dremel tool so I'm in the pipe dreamin' mode. Could you make a small duct out of aluminum that bends away form the cpu a little, and then attach your fan to the top of the duct ? By doing that you can still blow air to the heatsink only use a duct to direct the air to it.
or install a big heatsink, tall, with a corner cutted with Dremel, so leave the way for your Cpu.
I've seen but don't remember where :-(
one solution is to take an old pentium 1 fan and snip (use dykes) the fan out of the little housing clip they used to use. Mix up a little epoxy or grab your hot glue gun and glue the bare fan on the greeny. OOps just re read your post don't know if there is enough room.... depends, but you can't get much more low profile without a duct
Dont mess with the greenie if you plan on doing some overclocking there are not that good and i'd have to say there bad to begin with. I took the greenie and the heatsink in the photo without the fan even running and put the HS on the skin of my leg and you could feel that the greenie was warm and when i put the big HSF on it was quite cool, both were at room temps when i started. You dont need to get one this big but i need it at 167FSB The HSF was much larger when i started but i cut it down to size with a hacksaw and used a file to clean up the edges. The best part it was only 5 bucks I just asked the owner of the PC store if he had any CPU fans that were not selling well and asked him if he could give me a deal, this has worked for me at 2 different stores the 2 times i tried so you should find some luck even if you spent ten bucks you would end up with something that p[uts the greenie to shame.
Very similar arrangement as outhouse here (also as described above). A guy has been selling that cooler(close) with a small pelt for $14.00 on E*ay. wanted the pelt and that was the best price so I used the 50X50 Cyber Cooler HSF for the northbridge just like outhouse. Shown is the HSF that is easy to tap to 2-56 and results in a good performing northbridge cooling. Actually, Probably great cooling and quieter than Blorb. Doubt anarki_gr has the room but "For the rest of us" Woot . Buy the tap/Drill combo from a model airplane supplier called Dubro or Great Planes. Couple bucks and 100 Uses.

Hey come to think of it why didn't I leave the pelt on??!!! Ah, no Conformal, That's why.
Leave greenie alone. You are better off cooling the actual 14 MHz crystal itself with that fan. That alone will net you 2-5 MHz if done correctly.

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Cooling the Northbridge will usually get you a few more MHz but you need the case cooling to get the heat out.
I just received a hsf to put on the northbridge. I just attached it with the sticky tape on the bottom of my hsf to the top of the greenie. I first removed the greenie and applied some paste on the chip. Should I just get rid of the greenie and attach the hsf directly to the chip?
I would you will get better heat transfer if you do, do not use the sticky thermal tape use thermal compound on it and 4 drops of super glue in the corners.
outhouse (Jun 23, 2001 02:51 p.m.):
I would you will get better heat transfer if you do, do not use the sticky thermal tape use thermal compound on it and 4 drops of super glue in the corners.

Thanks outhouse. One more question; Should I do the same thing with my Radeon LE? It came with that huge heatsink, no fan.
YEP made a huge HSF for my GF2mx just a little smaller then the one in the pic, I can overclock it quite a bit and not have to worry about frying it, it will get unstable from maxxing it out before it will get to hot.