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How do I know if I'm folding Gromacs?

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Oct 14, 2002
I pinned my shortcut to folding to my start menu and just added the flags there. You can also add the flags in your shortcut in the startup folder on the start menu. Go to www.em-dc.com and download electron microscope, that will tell you if you're folding tinker, gromacs, or genome units.


Apr 22, 2002
[email protected] in Ball Ground, GA
There are several ways to determine whether you are folding Gromacs. You can look in your FAHlog.txt file and see if it says Tinker or Gromacs, or if it says "Core required: FahCore_65.exe" or "Core required: FahCore_78.exe". You could also open the Windows Task Manager and see which core program is running (FahCore_65.exe or FahCore_78.exe). EMIII will also tell you which core is running. If the little computer screen is Green, you are folding Tinker. If the little computer screen is Blue, you are folding Gromacs. BTW - FahCore65.exe is the Tinker core and FahCore78.exe is the Gromacs core.

As for the flags, please copy and paste your shortcut target line to this thread. And we can verify that it is correct. It should look something like the following:

"C:\Program Files\[email protected]\FAH3Console.exe" -advmethods -forceasm