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How do I remove the stock heatsink from my duron???

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New Member
Jul 5, 2001
Any ideas? Stupid thing won't come off. I only succeeded in bending the fins a bit (Which I managed to straighten relatively easily, but still...). I'm stuck with a Duron 650 'til I figger out how to get it off, and I'd *REALLY* like to be able to put in my T-bird 1.2ghz/Volcano II.

I suggest you be VERY careful. It "should" easily remove from the die, but if someone has used the thermal pad that is like 2 way tape, you may have a job in front of you.

If simply twisting will not get it to budge, you may wanna try the vid card trick. Throw it in a zip lock bag and put it in the freezer for 1/2 an hour.....pull it out and immediately try to remove it. The frozen thermal paste/pad should be brittle and break away fairly easily.
Oops. Guess I should have been more specific. I can't even get it detached from the socket. The clip won't budge. :(

I should just come off,hmmm.

Did you put it on or someone else?

What kind of thermal paste is on it now?

I hope not super glue or AS epoxy.

Or are you getting the clip undone?

If so like most you will need either a slotted screwdriver or needlenose pliers'.

Give a little more info. :)
It's just the stock fan. I can't even get the clip undone, no matter how much prying, so I don't even know if the thermal tape is stuck yet. *sigh*. I installed it myself, and it was a pain getting it on there.. I didn't even think about how difficult it might be to get it back off.

ahh.....now I follow you.

Try pushing down very carefully with a screw driver while at the same time prying away with another to get the clip to clear the lobe.

Don't use the chip itself to pry on, but rather the sink. Careful while pressing down tho.......one slip could end up being a replacement mobo.
Dang you Shadow :p hehe

If you have a small enough needlenose pliers as I do, it is so much easier. I put the nose in the little hole right where the screwdriver goes and it does not slip off, like Shadow said, we know from experience. Then just push down and out.

Take it nice-n-slow.
Here's an update: Damn tab on the socket snapped off. :p New mobo time.... Feh. I'm gonna see if I can rig something to replace it, tho, and turn it and the old duron into a linux box to run my X-10 stuff and handle routing duties for my net connection.