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How do I set a base clock for my old NVIDIA laptop?

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New Member
Oct 16, 2016
Hello, so this may seem like a bad idea, but I successfully overclocked my 2008 dell Vostro 1700 Laptop with a nvidia geforce 8400m gs from 400Mhz to 598Mhz on the core clock and 400 to 547Mhz for memory. It has been overclocked for over a year with no heat problems. The performance boost is unbelieveable! Anyways, the base clock which seems to run around 168Mhz core and 100 memory is a little low. This is an issue because any animation such as scrolling on a webpage to minimizing and maximizing on windows is not as smooth, but once the 600Mhz and 647Mhz kicks in, the scrolling is a buttery smooth experience. Is there any way to increase the idle to where I don't have to wait 30 seconds for the core and memory clock to kick in?? The computer recognizes it needs to run at a higher clock speed for scrolling and stuff but it takes about 30 seconds of me constantly scrolling. You may say whats wrong with waiting 30 seconds? Well as soon as a stop scrooling it idles back down. It just would be very nice to have a smooth experience right away. I don't think I even need 600Mhz probably a 300Mhz base clock should do. Thanks!



Aug 14, 2014

Have something running in the background the uses the GPU (activates it enough to raise clock speed) even when idle, the Blizzard game launcher or i think it was Chrome browser did the trick. You will have higher temps though.