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How do i unlock my amd duron cpu

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Senior Citizen (aka old fart)
Nov 24, 2001
Dallas, Georgia
By using a toothpick and a magnifying glass and a touch of defogger repait paint. The paint is in a small vial, is fairly cheap and available at most auto parts stores. You need to connect all the L1 dots on the processor. None of the lines may touch each other or this will short the processor, so check them well after connecting and DO NOT attempt to use it if any of the lines are touching each other. I usually have someone in the family check it after I am done in order to insure that we agree none are touching. Should you mess it up then use a little acetone to remove all the paint and try again. Acetone is available at most dollar stores as nail polish remover. Make sure it says pure acetone. You do not realize how small these are until you try this. Take your time and be stone sober. Connect the lines thus

L1 I I I I I

Take Care.


Dec 5, 2001
You can also get a pencil and do the same thing. Some may argure that the pencil wears away, but mine's goin on 4 months, and has yet to fail. It's much easier and cheaper. If you have it, mechanical pencil leae, about .3mm size works excellent, And it's simple to get rid of, just use an eraser.


Dec 23, 2001
i did my athlon with defoger paint and it works great... i would not recommend anything else...

also to add on to how to do it... u might want to use tape and tape off all the other bridges but the one u want to do then do it. then wait a little while but not so it drys all the way then take off the tape and mask over the other ones.. i did this about 4 times took me about a hour which is very long but it was my first time and it worked great (even though i did it again because i did not know my old MB could not OC :( )