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How do precessors die anyway???

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Oct 2, 2002
University of Bath, UK (but im Dutch!)
How do they die?? i mean, as i wrote in my previous topic, my XP1600 decided to die when i knocked the heatsink, but i thought that would just make it lose a bit of contact with the heatsink and make it run really hot! Guess theyre a bit more delicate...

Has anyone else ever killer their cpu? or is it justcause i'm a clumsy fool??

Well, one learns from his mistakes, I HOPE!

Damn im angry!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

There goes my money down the drain again....

Sorry bout the rant!

Willem. :rolleyes:
I dont have another. but i cant see it being anything else.
This is my first DIY rig, and being at university at the moment doesnt giveme a lot of cash to spend on bits and bobs.



thats my post from earlier, it could be the mobo ib guess, but that makes it even worse!!! and its not like i took a chunk out of it. The cpu's not even got a hair on it, let alone a dent.

Its all very misterious to me! thank god ive bgot my dad's old laptop!! I've gotta do a lab report tomorrow, that's be hell if i had to write it all by hand!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, any suggestions on fixing or testing to see whats wrong are always welcome.

I'm having a bit of a MELTDOWN at the moment, so excuses for the rantings and now im gonna have a cigarett cause i need to chill!!!


Willem (stress is a *****!!)
yeah the fans spin, the hdd runs, the thing just doesnt boot!?!?

Gonna go for a quick cig now. But please feel free to help!

I think this site is the best around!!! so many smart knowledgable people, and there's always someone there to help who knows a bit about your problems!

Anyway, cigarett!!!!!!!!

Willem. :eh?:
hrmm. Then if the fan spin it might be the cpu how hard was this hit on the hsf was it like BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM.

cuss i can drop my cpu's from high ditances like 4 fee ti nthe air and it wont hurt it also i took my finger nail and bashed on e bit and that didnt hurt it so i doubt you hurt ur cpu.

Have u atually tried taking the board out on a carboard box or something non conductive and see if it works on that ?
Take the whole thing apart, drives, cards and memory and try putting it back together again.

Maybe the Vid card has been jarred and is not properly seated, or the ram. Or a cable has become dislodged slightly.

I hate to give up too quick.
i dont think it is the CPU thats dead, your gonna have to check it on another mobo, u dont wanna shell out for another one and find out there was no problem with it.

P.S. smokings bad
I've had a couple CPU's die on me. I was having the exact same problem you are, the fans spin up but there's no video and no beeps. As soon as I tried a different CPU everything was fine.

In my case, I was using a crap heatsink and that's what caused the processor to die. But in your case I'm honestly not sure... :confused:
ive taken it all appart, put it back together again on a plastic crate, still no beep.

I didnt knock it that hard, just shifter the heatsink a bit. Ive got a Volcano 7+.

The thing is after i hit it itjust rebooted,but then stopped after a few minutes again...

I know it shouldnt be dead, but it seems that way...
I think i'm gonna cry!

Oh well, there goes another £50.

I wanted to spend that money on some more fans as well!!! yesterdar i'd just finished setting the whole thing up but my system as running at 42C idle, 50 load, but thats on a low fan speed with the volcano.
I like to keep it as quiet as possible, spent the last 3 days putting padding on the case sides and making ducts to shut up my fans even more.

But hey! Sh*t happens right!! I'm gonna put it all together one more time, but i'm feeling doubtfull.

Thanks for the input guys, one day i will be up there with the 2Gh guys, oh yes! but for the time being its gonna be a 333Mhz pentium laptop!!! Its a Gateway as well! basterd thing!!!! LOL!!

Now, where is the cheapest place to get my new cpu from... (in england)(with next day delivery) :D

Thanks for the help anyway!


PS i know smoking's bad! i hate it, but it chills me out just enough to not go crazy!!! :p


got my last one form www.overclockers.co.uk and it was an AGOIA, which was good. Got my new one early friday afternoon, it was green instead of brown but also an AGOIA so im happy! Got some AS3 while i was at it, all in all cost me £64.58.
Its runnng now at 1581MHz and my load temp with the HSF on full is 42*C. SWEET!

Anyway, thanks for the help! Still dont know why the otherone's dead tho!!! doesnt look broke... :(

Wont be eating for a few weeks but thats okay, my computer's folding happily so im happy!

They DIE useally by slowing burning untill enough transistors are able to move freely away from the core :eek: , but useally by that time, most people would say that your core is either burnt or crushed and the cpu will no longer function. The SuperORB was a famous one for crushing cores :( along with the edges of mine. I am a lucky one.