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How do you clear the CMOS on the ASUS A7V133???

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Apr 30, 2001
I was wondering if someone could tell me how exactly do you clear the CMOS on the ASUS A7V133. This is the second time my computer would not post after messing with my bios. The 1st time I spent $35 for them to fix it, hopefully I could do it myself this time with someone's help? I know you have to short the solder pins, but how exactly do you do this???? I'm new at overclocking and was wondering if someone out there could help me on this? I tried to change my bios from 12*100 to 9*133 to get better performance out of my computer. The furthest I got was 9*120. When I tried 9*125 it never posted. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.

Sorry to say this - read the manual, it has all kinds of useful information. Asus has the manual on their web page if you misplaced yours. The modern motherboard usually has a nice jumper that clears the CMOS.
Actually, the manual's not much help - this info is buried away where it's not too convenient to find it.

Look for a little "short" point called CLRTC right next to the mainboard's battery - why the heck they didn't use a jumper, I don't know. Anyway, to clear the CMOS you'll need to short this solder point (for ~3secs) - unplug the power first!!

Check your manual for info on this, too: page 14 (line diagram of the board) shows the location of CLRTC, and page 59 (section 4: BIOS Setup) has info on clearing the CMOS (under the elusive heading of "Forgot the Password?").
i have the a7v133 also and when i set the chip too high sometimes it doesnt reboot aint this a B*tch. i have to pull out my screwdriver and find the two solder points (by the cmos battery) on the motherboard and short them, for the price of this board you would think that they could have added a jumper there!!!!!! All you have to do is make contact with the two silver spots(with a screwdriver or somthing conductive) for a couple seconds and that clears the cmos. And whoever charged you 35$ for that needs to be beat down!!!!!