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How do you get a 80mm fan onto the WBK38??

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Jun 21, 2001
I just got my wbk...and I cant figure it out...maybe im just stupid...

ppl have told me that mounting a 80mm is easy, but i dont see it :(

what do i need to do to the clip to make it go on???

1st look and see how the 60 mm fan clips on.

you take the same clips stretch just a bit more and hook them to the 80 mm same place as you would on the 60 mm. if that doesn't work let me know. :)
but when i stretch it...it gets like waaayyy out of shape...and it wasnt really clicking back into the wbk...

ill try again tho hehe...hope i dont bend'em too much...or ill hafta break out the duct tape :D
uhh...when i bent the clips out like that...(i took'em off the HS first, to test for fit), the arch part is touching the base of the fan....uhh...how do i get that thing onto the HS?

I tried bending it down, but that wasnt very successful...or do i just need to pull harder...
we got it on!!

bent the h3ll out of those clips, but now it's r0xx0ring @ 41cfm :)
allright!!! The other way to do this is to use a grill to attach the clips to, but the way you have works too, hope you enjoy having your hearing back.
lol yea :)

i can actually hear my DVDs now! hurray! hehehe

and...i hooked that little delta up the PS, w/o the HS attached. IT FLEW. like the thing friggin lifted off the table...it was weird :)
it looks..weird :)

we took the clip head part, and bent that 90 deg, so it faces in towards the HSF.

then we bent the wire leading to the head in some, so it would fit back into the slit...

(as if that made any sense)

I'd be glad to take some pics, but we dont have a digital camera...or a scanner...or a net camera thing...*sigh*

nice I will be doing this tonight but I think I will attach a grill and do it that way so the fan is higher up too. Also I could put on another 60mm with out much problem since it won't bend the hell out of it.
Try mounting a 92X92X32/55.1cfm fan to it. IT works really well. Check this out---